Who are you voting for? Part 2

​Because we have tossed the wisdom of the founding fathers in the trash, because we have removed Christ from our nation and replaced Him with the gods of worldly fame and fortune, because we have abdicated our responsibility as parents and as informed citizens, we now have a country that worships human secularism, a country that is walking the same path that led to Stalin and to Hitler, and we sit here with our TVS and our public schools and our facebooks, and wonder “Gee, what went wrong?” And our public school system has indoctrinated 4 generations into the great land of ignorant, comfortable compliance, so people like Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama and Donald Trump can destroy what is left of this great nation, as we all go blindly and willingly through the transition from a Republic, to Socialism, and soon we will be all set up for an inevitable communist dictatorship. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. So after the 200+ years of The United States of America….the great democratic experiment that traded it’s trust in God for the powers of free enterprise, my question is not which of these is the greatest evil (Hillary or Trump), but who is going to be the next great superpower of the world?


Who are you voting for? Part 1

Who are you voting for?

In past presidential elections, the answer to that question revealed who we were, what we believed and where our priorities were. But this year, it is not that simple. And this year, more than ever before, we have only a choice between two evils. There is no right answer. Both candidates are bad news for the future of our nation. But the evil didn’t start here. We have been on this track for half a century now. We chose the turns in the road with every vote we made, and now this is where this road has led us.

Who are you voting for? Not an easy question. And for anyone who is actually educated and conscientious, we don’t WANT to have to say we are voting for either one! But vote we must. Even if there is no right answer……

More on Slowing Down

It is AMAZING how slow I am at slowing down!  Ever since classes ended in March, I have been playing catchup!  I thought I had about a week of ends to tie up and then I would be entering this world of peace and quiet, healing and homeschooling.  Boy was I mistaken!

But even though my days aren’t the restful oasis I had imagined, the catch up IS getting done, which eases the weight of the burden I carry, and things really aren’t as hectic, and I really AM resting more, and having more time and energy for quality experiences with my family.  We even made it to a few of the free performances at the University.  Nights out with the family hasn’t been possible since……well……ever!

And along the way, I am also LEARNING more about slowing down.  For instance:

Of all of the Stressors and Aggravations in my life, which must I endure and which could I simply eliminate?

I LOVE these “think out of your box” kind of questions.  We get so busy dealing with what is in front of us, that we forget to discern.  Years ago I worked on a shrimp boat.  And while I can’t spell the French word we used for the process, we would stand at the back of the boat where the huge nets dumped into a large bin, and we would separate the trash from the shrimp.  Sometimes it was really trash, like Styrofoam cups, but mostly it was just things that weren’t shrimp.  Fish, jellyfish and seaweed got thrown back into the water, and when we wanted them, bluepoint crabs were thrown into a bucket for a crab boil later in the day.  The shrimp would be brought to be sold at the weighing stations back at the dock.

So I have that image now.  What in my life is the shrimp, the good stuff that I am actually here for?  What things that pop up are the crabs, useful opportunities and blessings to be utilized? (Note: a lesson all home school moms learn is that we can’t keep all the “crabs”.  As delicious as they are, if we don’t have time today to boil them, throw them back in the water!) And which things are the jellyfish and seaweed?  Those things that mistakenly get caught in the net of my life, but they are really meant for someone else, and I don’t have to make them my business.

So, maybe I am not slowing way down, but I am not in quite the mad rush that I was before, and I suppose this is progress.  Thanks be to God for progress, and for learning how to progress even more!




Another “Oh” moment

So there are those times when you feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit.  That idea of how to make things better, do your part as the Body of Christ…..and you know the idea couldn’t have come from you alone, but was GIVEN to you.  And it is a thrilling moment. And a humbling one.
And there you sit.  with this idea.  It starts to feel overwhelming.  Why me? How am I supposed to take this on? and still do the homeschooling and the laundry and the dishes….and life?  How am I supposed to make this happen?
And can I? I mean, I know I should, I know I see clearly how the world would be better for it….at least this one small corner…..but I am only one person.  And the idea is kinda bold….radical.
No, I don’t have any fear of being radical, but how can my efforts even be effective?  I know, one small drop in the ocean……
and so He leads me to others to whom He has given the same idea.
How brilliant!  and how stupid and faithless of me to not expect that He would!  How arrogant to think that I would be the only person to whom He would give this nudge.
This is me, again, saying Okay God, now I understand.
please find 50 minutes to listen……and every time Rod uses the word “Orthodox” erase it and insert the word “Christian”……ya know REAL Christian…..practicing, striving, living it breathing it Christian.
After you do, let’s continue the conversation.

dreaming big

Ever climbed out of bed and decided to make a half-cooked breakfast? Ever gotten into the shower and washed only a few clumps of hair?  Ever needed to go buy a new pair of shoes, driven halfway to the store and turned around, deciding that was enough effort for today?

Of course this sounds ridiculous.  But now lets think about Dreams.  Aspirations.  Goals.  Why dream of meeting an unemployed bum when you could dream of a Prince Charming?  Why imagine yourself with a career at Sonic if you could imagine yourself an executive chef in your own restaurant?

Again, seems like a no brainer.  Let’s take it a bit farther.  Why aim for a good life when you could aim for Eternal Life?  Why reach for the goals and standards that modern society sets forth as the definition of success (wealth, power, sexiness, fame) when you could aim to fulfill the potential that God has created specifically inside of you?

Why do we strive to learn about God when we could be learning to know God?

I must keep reminding myself to Dream Big.  To reach not just for ‘good enough’ but for Excellence. The goal is eternal.  And the Grace is found in reaching for it.


Beauty Will Save the World

It is not the doctors or the lawyers, the politicians or the scientists.  No, not even the strongest armies can save us from the wrath that is to come.

It is the Artist, that creative, life-affirming, beauty-seeking Artist in each of us that will keep our focus on Truth, seeing Beauty in all of God’s creation, even in our most painful circumstances.  It is the Artist who has the power to read our human experience and interpret it back to us in poetry, in image, in dance and in music, showing us how our individual experiences fit as threads into the rich fabric of time.  It is the Artist in each of us that will urge us to persevere, to hope, and therefore lead us to Salvation.

The greatest gift we can offer to Tomorrow is to embrace the Artist in ourselves and in our children.  We must teach our children that this is the way they can make a difference.  Not only can they change the world, but they have a God-given responsibility to do so.  We all do.  It is the image of the Creator inside us that is drawn to Good, to Truth, to Light.  And it is this Beauty that will save the world.