Bad Ideas

Okay, so here is a list of BAD IDEAS.  And when we read them, we usually recognize them as BAD, but how many of these ideas permeate and even drive our perceptions about Art?


  1. I am not really an artist, I just like to draw.
  2. I have no talent, or not as much talent as others, so I have no right to be doing this.
  3. I can’t make a living as a (dancer, artist, musician, actor) so  why do it?
  4. All that art stuff is extracurricular, we should only focus on academics.
  5. I can’t afford fancy teachers/classes, so I can never (dance, paint, play music, sing).
  6. I have plenty of talent, so I don’t need to take classes or learn anything.
  7. I am paying for lessons so I should be able to improve without practice.
  8. The only value of the performing arts is as a vehicle to become rich and famous.
  9. the GOAL of the Arts is to become rich and famous.
  10. Beauty will not save the world.

How many times do these BAD IDEAS seep into our thinking, our judgements, our understanding of what Art is? God has given us Art and Beauty and the capacity to both create and appreciate them.  And we claim to be Christians, and try to live Christ-centered lives. Yet how many times do we let these BAD IDEAS (created by a secular world and rooted in ungodly standards and expectations) alter the way we make decisions for ourselves and our children?

Oh.  And BAD IDEA #11…..So You Think You Can Dance, the Next Generation.


  • “The artist at work is in kairos. The child at play, totally thrown outside himself in the game, be it building a sandcastle or making a daisy chain, is in kairos. In kairos, we become what we are called to be as human beings, cocreators with God, touching on the wonder of creation.” – Madeleine L’Engle, Walking on Water