Where’s the Joy?

Everything we do should be joy-filled.  We are created in the image and likeness of Christ. We have been given this beautiful life for a brief time.  We have been given this world, each other, our talents and gifts and abilities.  We are RICH!  We should be filled with Joy!

The stage and the studio are factories of Joy.  But only when we approach them right.  When we approach them with greed or cynicism or laziness or lust, we create poison and we share poison with each other and with the audience.

But when we enter the studio and the stage with hearts of gratitude for the opportunity to work hard, express, fellowship, share, serve and learn, we create Beauty and Joy.  We create ART.  Too many schools are forgetting to teach this vital part of arts education.  If Art is to have Joy, it must have Purpose.  Purpose is always to heal, to serve, to lead us to Beauty.

When we approach the studio, or the stage, or when we choose which dancers, which schools, which choreographers to work with, let us remember to look for people who are cultivating Joy through Purpose.


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