Are You Religious or Spiritual? 

​originally posted on Chronic Gratitude

How many times have I heard people say “I don’t go to church. I believe in God, but not in churches.” And then with the confidence of a brilliant philosopher, they add “I am not Religious, I am Spiritual.” And then they expect me to be impressed. 
Well, I am not. Yes, churches are broken. Humanity is broken. I am broken. But we don’t give up on the Truth. We don’t quit trying. 

It makes no more sense than if we were to say “Fast Food is unhealthy, so I don’t eat at all.”

People, please! Get out of the McDonald’s drive thru line, go home and cook healthy, real food! Gather with your family, thank God for the food, and then EAT! Nourish your body.

And next weekend, find the nearest Orthodox Christian Church and bring your family to liturgy! The church Christ handed to His disciples DOES still exist! It is not another denomination, not another churchy flavor created by people looking for something they like more. It is the one, true, ancient faith, that began in 33 AD and has continued unchanged for more than 2000 years! 

Come back to church. Nourish your Soul.



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