Who are you voting for? Part 2

​Because we have tossed the wisdom of the founding fathers in the trash, because we have removed Christ from our nation and replaced Him with the gods of worldly fame and fortune, because we have abdicated our responsibility as parents and as informed citizens, we now have a country that worships human secularism, a country that is walking the same path that led to Stalin and to Hitler, and we sit here with our TVS and our public schools and our facebooks, and wonder “Gee, what went wrong?” And our public school system has indoctrinated 4 generations into the great land of ignorant, comfortable compliance, so people like Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama and Donald Trump can destroy what is left of this great nation, as we all go blindly and willingly through the transition from a Republic, to Socialism, and soon we will be all set up for an inevitable communist dictatorship. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. So after the 200+ years of The United States of America….the great democratic experiment that traded it’s trust in God for the powers of free enterprise, my question is not which of these is the greatest evil (Hillary or Trump), but who is going to be the next great superpower of the world?


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