Why I Don’t Blog

I don’t Blog for money. I don’t Blog for popularity or acclaim. I don’t Blog because I think I have great wisdom to share with the world.

I know there are great writers out there….and great choreographers…..and great painters. I am only a great Sinner, and maybe a great Dreamer?

But words and dance and color are such wonderful tools for exploring and expressing. I use them to help me navigate the experiences of life, the roller coaster that is my emotions, the whirlwind of causes and effects, relationships, happenings in the world around me.

Blogging has become another creative way for me to explore and express. Like any art, it is the process, the creating that has value to the Artist. Whether or not anyone sees it or appreciates it is rather insignificant. It’s just not the point of creating art. We create, not to impress or to sell, but because Art is like a fire inside us and we must  create it to let it out. Its the feeling like you will just explode if you don’t create.

Another really great thing that I have found with blogging, is that it automatically indexes itself. With a journal, I would be flipping through page after page to find where I had jotted notes about a certain topic, but with the magic of modern technology, I can just do a keyword search and go directly to what I am looking for! 

An Artist is not just a person who makes a living making  art. An Artist is a person who feels the need to understand the meaning of the world, of a life, and uses the creative process to navigate and evaluate it all. An Artist uses a more tangible medium (paint, words, music) to draw connections, make conclusions, find Beauty and Purpose in the seemingly unconnected experiences and events of the world.

I am Artist.


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