Why I Blog 

I never was one to keep a diary or a journal. As a kid, it never felt secure enough to actually write my true thoughts and feelings. As a young adult, I struggled because if I was having a bad day, I didn’t want to dwell on it on paper, or to record bad thoughts and feelings that I figured were better cleared away and replaced with positivity.

But now, while I am not actively choreographing as often (which has always been my foremost avenue for artistic expression), I am finding that my art journal and my blogs are becoming very useful creative outlets. 

It’s not just about recording or reporting events. I sometimes vent my frustrations in my art journal, but no one else has to see that. And I am careful not to use the blogs that way, because it just seems offensive and juvenile.

But words, like paint, like dance, can express emotion, build story, and create image. I find an idea that inspires me, and the words to paint the idea creatively and encapsulate it into a work of art. It’s the same process as painting or drawing or choreographing. 

I certainly don’t mean to say that I am a great writer….or painter….or choreographer. Merely that I enjoy using words and color and dance to express and explore and make sense of the world around me and the landscape of my own heart and mind. 


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