Watched a group of dancers improv this afternoon. It is always such a treat to watch dancers BEING artists in the moment. 

Dance is unique among the Arts, because a dancer is a dual mode creature. We are Athletes, working out all the time, improving and refining technique, focusing on details. We are also Artists, with a need to express and our own bodies are our medium. 

Some of us are more naturally Athletes and must learn to let our inner Artist emerge, and some of us are naturally Artists and we must work to acquire and maintain the discipline and diligence of Athletes.

Watchin Improv is different from watching choreographed dance. In improv, the Artist and the Athlete unite, and the dancer is not doing, but being. There is a Truth to improv, in which a dancer has no choice but to share her soul. It is open and raw and organic and real. 

As a choreographer, I have always loved watching improv as a way to choose dancers to work with. I get to see not only what they can do, but who they are. I like to know who I am working with. I get the most fulfillment out of creating Art on living breathing changing growing responding real persons.

Imagine what painting would be like if the paint were actually alive, with feelings and opinions, and moods? 


One thought on “Dancers

  1. Now that would be a really cool dance production…if dancers were paint and they came to life from the picture that the artist was painting! So much rich imagery!


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