Thank Yous

Is there someone in your life, or the life of your child, who has made a significant impact? Maybe a teacher or some other mentor? A boss? A co-worker? 

As a teacher, I have had the honor of working with lots of students. Lots of individual humans each on their own unique journey through life. Some I have gotten to know personally, but most I only saw in class, for a season, and then they are gone. 

I know my High School Chemistry and Physics teacher, Mr Vitter, was one person who taught me more than science. He taught me to love learning. He taught me to take pride in the work I did, to never settle for less than excellence from myself, and he set a high bar and expected me to reach it. I think of Mr Vitter often, as his is one of those voices that still pushes me, challenges me within my own thoughts. 

I have had a few parents and students who have taken the time to tell me that what I taught, or the way I taught it, left a lasting impression, or gave them the courage to attempt some brave creative project. 

Its not that we want to hear thanks or that we want to take credit. But it is good to hear that the work we did had a positive impact. It is good to hear that the seeds we sowed bore good fruit.

There are so many bad influences out there. Let us always remember to say thank you to the people who have had a positive influence on our lives and our children’s lives. Let them know they are doing valuable work in the world.


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