Often enough, I have heard it said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

And it seems that when I have been blessed with creative or innovative ideas and with the courage to pioneer new paths to bring those ideas into reality, it is also a blessing that others have followed, been inspired, and “copied” the idea. 

This is as it should be. And this is how progress is made. One person starts something new and positive, improving on the things that were done before or the way they were being done before. Many people benefit from the innovation, and others carry the idea forward. Progress is made. Goodness is multuplied.

As an artist and as an innovator, I try not to take offense at immitation or even plageurism of my work. If the idea or the creation is good and others take it and use it elsewhere, then it has the potential to bless even more people than I could have reached on my own. And ownership of an idea is not mine, but a gift of the Holy Spirit. I am blessed to be the carrier, the incubator, and the facilitator of the creative energy. I am never its creator.

However, I do get distressed and worried when someone copies a good idea from me and then distorts it into something base or vulgar or self-serving. It makes me sad when they sell the idea to an audience that can’t even (or chooses not to) discern the difference. It breaks my heart when I see that people are so easily fooled by frauds who claim to be creating something wholesome and edifying, when it is only a shallow copy, without the depth or Truth of the original . When it is done not to serve the people but to trick them, to deceive them. To make a buck off them.

The world is full of charletans. Unfortunate people who have not learned to value their truly best selves and to embrace the goodness, the Godliness, the Creative Spirit that exists in ALL of us. They steal, they lie, they take from others, because they don’t believe in their own abilities. They expend energy on stealing that they could be  investing in creating !  And they try to sell themselves as something they are not, because they are afraid to embrace the true goodness inside them that they have to offer.

It is such a huge joy to witness someone discovering the beauty and creativity inside themselves. And it is such a frustration to be able to see that beauty and capacity for great good in a person, but to have to watch them throw it away, and choose instead a path of deception and fraud.


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