Climbing Slowly, Part 1

My focus is ahead, reaching, holding tight, working hard. Husband, children, self, all clinging close, sharing in the work. The struggle. The learning. Growing. Becoming.

The most recent round of lessons may be about Chores and Budgets and Long Division, but really, they are just the same basic lessons being repeated through fresh content. The content continually changes as we age, but the lessons at the core don’t ever change. It is always about avoiding Pride and cultivating Humility, denying Self and serving Other, learning to see Christ in everyone, and learning to love everyone like Christ. These lessons don’t change.

At first, the new lessons always seem too tough. But then we start the climb, remember to replace Fear with Faith, and we get busy doing the work of our salvation.

Hard work it is. Back breaking, hope crushing, never ending work. And we are so focused on surviving it all, making it through, finishing the job at hand. We don’t see everything we pass by along the way. It is a blur outside the windows of our work.

Work. Liturgy. Work of the people. This is what we do. This is how we spend our lives. Together. Climbing that Ladder of Divine Ascent. One challenging rung at a time.




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