But then….

Kind of a Post Script here…..if you missed yesterday’s blog entry, you can find it here.

But then… I had this other very wonderful thought.  It’s not just me who is being bombarded with tough stuff right now.  My kids and my husband are also being hit hard individually.  And in several ways, our challenges are not merely individual, but are obstacles that we can only overcome as a family, working together.

And that leads me to the wonderful part….these have not only been my prayers.  This means that these are the prayers of my husband and also the prayers of my kids.  This means that they are asking for the same growth that I am asking for, and we are all on the same path together!

Beautiful Mind Picture: me in my room, my kids each in their rooms, my husband miles away on a jobsite….all of us praying the same prayers to the same God.  And the candles flickering in front of the Icons.  And God loving us so completely.

Happy Smiling Thankful Moment!


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