I am writing this as a kind of PSA, in hopes of protecting others from the stupidity into which I just stumbled….again.

I have always loved the line from the musical Into the Woods, that says “be careful what you wish for, because wishes are children, and they grow up too.”

And of course the Bible is full of lessons about how God answers prayer.

So it should have come as no surprise.  But instead, it knocked me off my feet…..again.

It has been a rough few weeks.  Our family has been working SO HARD on specific challenges.  We’ve been working harder than ever to grow and really truly be the people that God is calling us to be.  This is NOT one of those seasons of floating through life,  somehow half-aware of our spiritual health, just trying to keep up with the activities of daily life.

And EVERY. SINGLE. SPIRITUAL. CHALLENGE. AND ROAD BLOCK. AND OBSTACLE. HAS BEEN PUT IN FRONT OF US these past few weeks.  I mean, I can’t even catch my breath before the next blow comes!

And in my despair and self pity, I went to read through my prayer journal from a couple of months ago…wondering where I went wrong, wondering why things are so tough. These are the prayers I found:

“Dear God, I am ready to be who you want me to be.”

“Dear God, please help my family to focus on being the Orthodox community that we are desiring to find in the world….right here, in our house.”

“Dear God, please help me to see my own faults and give me the strength and courage to repent fully and allow myself to be humbled and changed.”

“As a family, I pray that we may strengthen and encourage one another always to carry our cross with humble gratitude and unwavering faith.”

…Okay, so I guess I asked for it!  And in typical God fashion, He doesn’t grant us the powers of patience and humility and faith like some sort of fairy godmother, but He gives us (generously) opportunities to cultivate patience and humility and faith.

UGH!  So, like I said, this is a public service announcement, friends.  DO NOT PRAY FOR WHAT YOU ARE NOT READY TO RECEIVE!!!!

May God continue to answer our prayers and give us the strength to carry our many blessings!





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