Art Journaling

Yep. This is my latest obsession.  My latest outlet.  My latest vehicle for creative exploration.  Art Journaling.  Also called Doodle Journaling, this idea has been around for quite a while, obviously.  But I was recently introduced to it by good friend and brilliant Artist, Courtney Hamilton.

I remember doodling in the margins of my notebook as I listened to lectures in high school and college.  Sometimes I remembered more content and more concepts from looking back at the doodles than I did actually reading the notes I had taken.  The Art Journal has the same effect, in a more or less inverted way:  I write words….thoughts, feelings, even questions to myself or God.  And then, as I apply paint to the page around the words, or doodle with markers, the thoughts simmer in my head, and new answers and ideas form.  It’s like taking time to study myself a little.  (Just a little, mind you.  I am NOT into all that new age self help belly button examining stuff!) But in this busy world, art journaling helps me carve out time to think about (and appreciate) the life that is flying so swiftly by.



Slowing Down

One of our art teachers got me hooked on this Art Journal thing.  While my art skills are minimal, I have discovered the joys of writing my feelings fearlessly, dipping my fingers in paint and smearing it joyfully (or even angrily) around the paper, and cutting and pasting song lyrics and scriptures that inspire me. I recommend you try it if you haven’t already!merrygoround