Another “Oh” moment

So there are those times when you feel the nudge of the Holy Spirit.  That idea of how to make things better, do your part as the Body of Christ…..and you know the idea couldn’t have come from you alone, but was GIVEN to you.  And it is a thrilling moment. And a humbling one.
And there you sit.  with this idea.  It starts to feel overwhelming.  Why me? How am I supposed to take this on? and still do the homeschooling and the laundry and the dishes….and life?  How am I supposed to make this happen?
And can I? I mean, I know I should, I know I see clearly how the world would be better for it….at least this one small corner…..but I am only one person.  And the idea is kinda bold….radical.
No, I don’t have any fear of being radical, but how can my efforts even be effective?  I know, one small drop in the ocean……
and so He leads me to others to whom He has given the same idea.
How brilliant!  and how stupid and faithless of me to not expect that He would!  How arrogant to think that I would be the only person to whom He would give this nudge.
This is me, again, saying Okay God, now I understand.
please find 50 minutes to listen……and every time Rod uses the word “Orthodox” erase it and insert the word “Christian”……ya know REAL Christian…..practicing, striving, living it breathing it Christian.
After you do, let’s continue the conversation.