dreaming big

Ever climbed out of bed and decided to make a half-cooked breakfast? Ever gotten into the shower and washed only a few clumps of hair?  Ever needed to go buy a new pair of shoes, driven halfway to the store and turned around, deciding that was enough effort for today?

Of course this sounds ridiculous.  But now lets think about Dreams.  Aspirations.  Goals.  Why dream of meeting an unemployed bum when you could dream of a Prince Charming?  Why imagine yourself with a career at Sonic if you could imagine yourself an executive chef in your own restaurant?

Again, seems like a no brainer.  Let’s take it a bit farther.  Why aim for a good life when you could aim for Eternal Life?  Why reach for the goals and standards that modern society sets forth as the definition of success (wealth, power, sexiness, fame) when you could aim to fulfill the potential that God has created specifically inside of you?

Why do we strive to learn about God when we could be learning to know God?

I must keep reminding myself to Dream Big.  To reach not just for ‘good enough’ but for Excellence. The goal is eternal.  And the Grace is found in reaching for it.



my perfect world

Okay so here’s my perfect world:

Days are long and slow. Deadlines are mere guidelines, all fuzzy and foggy and nonthreatening. Creative inspiration is free to stop by unannounced and always finds us welcoming and ready for the new adventure. Painting walls, singing songs, looking at the world completely upside down just to see what it would be like.

Projects lead to projects and we all wander in and out of collaborations. Our days are about creating and exploring and building. Laughing and feeling the mud in our toes and the paint on our fingers. There’s always lots of yarn and paint and baubles and music……always music. Even if its only a windchime or a too-short bit of a song lazily repeated over and over by a child entranced by her stitching.