Beauty Will Save the World

It is not the doctors or the lawyers, the politicians or the scientists.  No, not even the strongest armies can save us from the wrath that is to come.

It is the Artist, that creative, life-affirming, beauty-seeking Artist in each of us that will keep our focus on Truth, seeing Beauty in all of God’s creation, even in our most painful circumstances.  It is the Artist who has the power to read our human experience and interpret it back to us in poetry, in image, in dance and in music, showing us how our individual experiences fit as threads into the rich fabric of time.  It is the Artist in each of us that will urge us to persevere, to hope, and therefore lead us to Salvation.

The greatest gift we can offer to Tomorrow is to embrace the Artist in ourselves and in our children.  We must teach our children that this is the way they can make a difference.  Not only can they change the world, but they have a God-given responsibility to do so.  We all do.  It is the image of the Creator inside us that is drawn to Good, to Truth, to Light.  And it is this Beauty that will save the world.


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