Beauty Will Save the World

It is not the doctors or the lawyers, the politicians or the scientists.  No, not even the strongest armies can save us from the wrath that is to come.

It is the Artist, that creative, life-affirming, beauty-seeking Artist in each of us that will keep our focus on Truth, seeing Beauty in all of God’s creation, even in our most painful circumstances.  It is the Artist who has the power to read our human experience and interpret it back to us in poetry, in image, in dance and in music, showing us how our individual experiences fit as threads into the rich fabric of time.  It is the Artist in each of us that will urge us to persevere, to hope, and therefore lead us to Salvation.

The greatest gift we can offer to Tomorrow is to embrace the Artist in ourselves and in our children.  We must teach our children that this is the way they can make a difference.  Not only can they change the world, but they have a God-given responsibility to do so.  We all do.  It is the image of the Creator inside us that is drawn to Good, to Truth, to Light.  And it is this Beauty that will save the world.


Heart of a Pioneer

He never did seem to “fit in”.  He had dreams, like everyone else, only his dreams were that annoying persistent kind.  The kind that didn’t make sense, the kind that seemed  impossible because they seemed to travel in the exact opposite way of everything else in the world. Yet, he just never could let them go.

He tried.  He tried being “normal”. He tried doing all the things that everyone expected him to do.  But when he did, he felt somehow dead inside.  He felt like he wasn’t being true to the purpose for his being here.

He saw others, following the expected path, getting regular jobs, living regular lives.  He wished (with most of his heart) that he could be like that.  He wanted to find a sense of fulfillment and purpose in something that would be respected by the people he loved.

Of course, that wasn’t how his heart was sewn.  His heart was sewn with threads of Imagination, stuffed tight with Faith, held together with stitches of Perseverance. When he closed his eyes, he had visions of how the world could be different….better.  He didn’t know why everyone else didn’t see it.   But those ideas, those visions, drug him forward.  He couldn’t deny them.  He couldn’t ignore them.  They drug him forward, through ridicule, through poverty, through all kinds of hardship and loneliness, that he would not have had to endure, if he would just give up “these crazy ideas”.

But if he had given up, we would not be where we are today.

The heart of a pioneer has beat in the chests of men and women throughout history.  Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Martha Graham, Wangari Maathai, Mary Wollsonecraft, Anne Sullivan…the list goes on.

Do you know someone who has the Heart of a Pioneer?  Look around.  These are the people who have been given the unenviable task of changing our world.

May God give them the strength to endure, in spite of our disbelief and ridicule.  May our small minds not quench the Spirit that lives and breathes in the Heart of a Pioneer.