Favorite Things

When a kid leans over too far and accidently does a forward roll then stands up with a huge smile of amazement at what he has just done.

When a student says “I can’t” and I get to help them discover that they can.

When a parent joins an art class and rediscovers the joy of artistic expression, right alongside their teens.

When my kids come and say “Mom, come see what we made up” and usher me into my favorite theater: the living room!

When a student sends me a video of the choreography they have been working on all on their own.

When a bunch of cousins sit around with a cello, a penny whistle, a base guitar, a djembe and a harmonica….. and discover a really cool sound!

When I see people glowing with the excitement of sharing their art with others.

These are some of my favorite things.  These are the things that make my heart smile and I feel that warm wonderful “God loves us so much” feeling.  These are the moments when I get a glimpse of the Beauty in God’s design of man.  The blooming moments.


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