Evidence of Providence

There was a mess.  I didn’t know it was there.  Kind of an evil angry jealous worm that had slithered in unnoticed.  It grew and began to devour the joy and the collaboration and the beauty that surrounded it.  Having quietly embedded itself in one of the structural members, the entire building was in jeopardy.

Had I realized the problem, I am sure I would have tried to remove the worm and save the beam.  I would have done anything I could to save what I understood was a vital part of the structure.  But I didn’t know.

Then, with no warning, the beam, with it’s infestation, fell away.  The building still stands.  And to my surprise it is actually stronger and taller than it had been before.

Life is like that sometimes.  God seems to step in and take a problem away before I even know it’s there.  And when I look back with that ever-so-clear hindsight, I can see that if He had left it for me to handle, I would have really made a mess of things!

Thank God for only giving us as much as we can handle;

for always giving us every ounce of what we can handle;

for giving us the grace to handle all that He gives us;

and for lovingly whisking away what He knows we cannot handle!


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